FPC Adult Sunday School Classes

2 Peter 3:18 calls all Christians to "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Sunday School provides the opportunity to dig into the Bible together in a structured
way. The goal is to know our God better and to live as His Word instructs.



MEN'S CLASS (ages 18 and up) 
Where: Educational Building Room #9 (downstairs)
Teachers: Al Harrell and Steve Morton
Current Study:  Beginning Fall 2017, we will be studying the various covenants that God has made with us in the scriptures, looking at the New covenant in depth. We begin each class by singing several hymns. We invite you to join us as we look at God's faithfulness throughout the Bible! 

LADIES' CLASS (ages 18 and up)
Where: Educational Building Room #21 (upstairs next to library)
Teachers:  Connie Buckner, and Nell Jean McDarris
Current Study: Beginning Fall 2017, we will be studying the covenants of God.

ADULT CO-ED CLASS I (ages 18 and up)
Where: Educational Building Room #20 (upstairs library)
Teachers: Steve Russell and Kit Conrad
Current Study: As of January 2018, this class is studying the Book of Joshua. We are a "Hands On Class" consisting of about 20 regular attendees that is being led by the Holy Spirit through our teachers. Sometimes we might study an entire chapter and other times only a few verses. We always begin with Fellowship and Prayer and welcome anyone who would care to join us! 

ADULT CO-ED CLASS II (ages 18 and up)
Where: Church Office Conference Room
Teacher: Steve Blevins
Current Study: The Adult II class is currently studying a video series by R.C. Sproul entitled, "Foundations." It is an overview of systematic theology that is helping us to better understand God's revealing of Himself in a logical fashion. 

Where: Church Office Deacon's Room (back)
Teachers: Steve & Nan Gregory
Current Study: TBA