Youth Lock-in/Retreat Schedule
April 27-28, 2018

Topic: Who We Are In Christ (Self-Identity)

This event is for both O.A.S.I.S. (Grades 4th - 12th) and Covenant Kids (Grades K5 - 3rd). 
O.A.S.I.S. Youth will be spending the night, but Covenant Kids will not be spending the night. 

Girl's Cabin - Educational Building, Choir Room ... Boy's Cabin - Church Office Building, Nursery

5:00-5:30pm // Youth Arrival, Registration, and Cabin Set-up
5:30-6:05pm // Dinner
6:10-6:25pm // THE GATHERING (Group Meeting)
6:40-7:00pm // Opening Praise & Worship
7:00-7:45pm // Group Bible Study led by Andrew Shank
7:45-8:15pm // Small Group Discussions
8:15-8:40pm // Closing Praise & Worship / Prayer Time
8:40-9:15pm // Free Time and Covenant Kid Dismissal
9:15-10:00pm // Group Games
10:00-10:20pm // PJ TIME!
10:20-10:30pm // Snack Time
10:30-12:15am // Group Movie (Finding Nemo)
12:15-12:30am // Group Devotional
12:30am // Cabin Time

7:00am // Wake Up Call
7:00-7:30am // Morning Routines
7:30-7:45am // Cabin Devotionals
7:30am // Covenant Kid Arrival
7:45-8:15am // Breakfast
8:15-8:45am // Cabin Clean-ups
8:45-9:00am // THE GATHERING
9:00-9:20am // Morning Praise & Worship
9:20-10:00am // Group Bible Study led by Andrew Shank
10:00-10:15am // Closing Praise & Worship
10:15-10:30am // THE GATHERING
10:30-11:45am // Service Project
11:45-12:00n // Closing Prayer Time led by Pastor Skip
12:15pm // Dismissal